Strain Gages & Accessories
Loadcells & Force Sensors
Multi axis Force Sensors & Cutting Force Dynamometers
Torque Sensors
Automotive Sensors & Systems
Pressure Sensors & Transmitters
LVDT & Displacement Sensors
Accelerometers & Vibration Measuring Systems
Contact Pressure Systems
Digital Meters, Amplifiers, Signal Conditioners & Data Acquisition Systems
Ergonomics & Bio-Medical Systems
Eltek Systems is rapidly growing Engineering & Instrumentation company. We offer measurement solutions to test physical parameters such as Strain, Force, Torque, Pressure, Load, Vibration, Displacement etc.. Please refer our product range for more details.

Our list of satisfied customers includes leading Automotive manufacturers, Aerospace industries, Engineering companies, Educational institutes, Project consultants, Test system manufacturers, DRDO Labs, Space & Atomic research centers.

Our qualified and experienced team will assist you to select most suitable measurement chain for your application. We also install, commission and support complete system offered by us.

Please write to us with your specific requirement for tech details and offer.
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